I help Asian American Women RISE up on the corporate ladder

so that you can achieve the level of professional success you deserve and desire

Don't be held back!

Have you ever felt passed over for a promotion? Do you feel that you have to work twice as hard as your peers and yet, they advance faster than you? Did you lack recognition for your hard work?

You’re not alone and I’m here to help.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?
Our leadership program will help you RISEx

Our Program

The RISEx program is designed for Asian American Women to breakthrough invisible barriers

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Meet Cindy and learn more about my mission to help Asian Women land leadership positions

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Hi there, I'm Cindy!

Asian Americans have been held back on the corporate ladder for too long.

I’m on a mission to change that. I’ve worked in Fortune 500 companies for 20+ years, receiving multiple promotions and helped hundreds of others excel in their careers.


Are you ready to RISEx?

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?
The RISEx Program Map



Unpack the ways your cultural identity impacts your work



Define your advantage in the workplace



Decide how you’ll lead yourself so that you can lead others



Implement your plan and start realizing success



Multiply your impact with our Community

Bao got Promoted!

"Cindy is one of the most empathetic, strategic, and thoughtful career coaches I have ever had. When I was trying to get promoted, Cindy played an instrumental role in helping me document my accomplishments in a way that was quantifiable and that resonated with managers and directors, which ultimately led to my successful promotion."
Bao | Account Manager, Google

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