The tension between Asian American culture and Corporate America

Asian Americans are a forgotten minority in the Glass Ceiling conversations, leading to a widening gap in leadership representation.

In America, Asian Americans are not considered an underrepresented minority because Asians make up 13% of the US professional workforce but 6% of the US Population, and therefore have little priority and attention in diversity programs. (PEW)

Asian American professionals are the least likely to be promoted from individual contributor roles into management; less likely than any other race including Black and Hispanic. (HBR)

We must consider the impact of both Internal and External forces that contribute to this phenomenon.  

Internal Forces: Cultured Beliefs

Many Asian Americans were raised with a strongly held set of beliefs and verbal advice in order to achieve ‘success’ in school and the professional world. Teachings include: work hard, score the highest points available, keep your head down, listen to teachers/bosses. Where this falls short is that it does not help a person move up the occupational hierarchy past the mid-career level. This results in a shortage of role models in leadership, executive and board roles.

External Forces: Biases & Stereotypes

Biases such as the “Model Minority” give a false sense of success and therefore Asian Americans are kept out of company efforts to build Minority Leaders. Western leaders expect Asian Americans to be quiet, consensus-builders who are content to work hard. These stereotypes are good for entry level positions, yet unfit for leadership. Despite some progress, outright Racism & Sexism persist. Women are assumed to be younger and submissive, thus not ready for promotion. They also suffer a double bind: Too strong (tiger mom) or not strong enough (geisha girl).

Asian Americans Expect Merit & Hard Work to be recognized with Promotions

Cultural Upbringing Causes Common Misperceptions about Behavioral Intent

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